Enjoy your pool, without having to worry about maintaining it!

Find out why residents of Plano, TX choose Pool Referees for all of their pool service requirements — so they can simply enjoy their pool as they were meant to!

Family-Owned & Operated

Smooth Communication

24hr Satisfaction Guarantee

Making your pool swimmable again!

Are you fed up of cleaning your pool? Do you feel like the upkeep takes up too much of your time?

Your pool shouldn’t feel like just another chore. It is an investment you make that provides years of recreation and memories with your family. At Pool Referees, we want to help you do just that.

That’s why we take away all of the cleaning, maintenance, and general pool-related worries so that you can dive in and enjoy your pool — as it was intended. We operate using four key values; integrity, customer-focus, excellent communication, and the passion to provide you with the best service. Everything we do aims to make your life easier. Our technicians are fully licensed and certified, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring a professional when you choose Pool Referees.

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"The Pool Referees are a top service provider! They are prompt, transparent, professional, efficient, extremely well organized and very responsive. They provided me with an instant quote for my pool and I got to choose from a menu of 4 service tiers. Most of the admin is done online or via email and they make it very clear and very easy to do business with them. Plus their prices are extremely fair and competitive. I highly recommend them!"
Alex C., via Yelp
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24hr Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results within 24 hours of using our service, let us know within this timeframe and we'll come back to make it right for you!

Pool Maintenance

Are you tired of spending hours cleaning and maintaining your pool? Maybe you have moved into a new home that has a pool but don’t know how to maintain it? Whatever the case, you shouldn’t be spending your time around your pool maintaining it. You should be spending time with your family in your pool!

At Pool Referees, we provide various maintenance packages to best suit your needs. And the best part of it all? You can simply just enjoy your pool. View our packages below to see which one suits your needs!

Our Packages

All-Star Weekly Service

This includes:
8-point chemical check & balance
Equipment inspection
Video picture guarantee
Electronic door tag
40% off filter clean
Satisfaction guarantee
Empty baskets
Attached spa clean
Zero customer upkeep

Pro Bi-Weekly Service

Every 2 weeks (Winter Only)
This includes:
8-point chemical check & balance
Equipment inspection
Video picture guarantee
Electronic door tag
40% off filter clean
Satisfaction guarantee
Empty baskets
Attached spa clean

Basic Chemicals

This includes:
8-point chemical check & balance
Equipment inspection
Video picture guarantee
Electronic door tag
40% off filter clean
Satisfaction guarantee
Empty baskets

Our Process

The Discovery

Quote & on-site evaluation with Head Technician


Service agreement & scheduling

The Service Call

Deep clean of your pool
Chemical & equipment checks
Seasonal mineral treatment
Periodic filter cleans

The Follow Up

How was your service?
Electronic door tag
Satisfaction check-ins

We are fully licensed, insured & certified

TICL 862 - Residential Appliance Installer License

This is needed to work on electrical items such as motors, etc.  As of March 1, 2008, all persons in Texas performing residential appliance installation must be licensed.

CPO® Certification

This is required by cities in order to service commercial / HOA pools. CPO® certification provides individuals with the knowledge, techniques, and skills of pool and spa operations. This training has helped protect millions of swimmers by reducing hazards at aquatic facilities. CPO® certification is the world's leading verifiable pool and spa training credential.

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

If your pool isn’t working as it should, there's a chance your equipment needs to be repaired or upgraded. At Pool Referees, we are licensed and insured to help with any type of pool repair. Whether your equipment is leaking, your pumps aren’t functioning, or your cleaner needs to be fixed, get in touch with us today!

How can we help you?

Main Pump

The main pump is the heart of your pool and if it isn’t working properly, your pool is not filtering, circulating and sanitizing properly. There are several components to the main pump, and we’ll quickly diagnose the issue and get your main pool pump working again

Booster Pump

Your pool’s booster pump supplies high‐pressure water to a pressure side cleaner. This is critical to its operation. If your booster pump is not functioning properly, we'll repair or replace it to get your equipment working again.


Your pool’s plumbing moves water throughout your entire system and are the veins to your pumps beating heart. Any small gap or leak can cause loss in suction and/or pressure creating an inefficient or worse a non‐ functioning system. Small drips add up over time and can lead to significant water loss. We’ll find the trouble
spots in your plumbing and replace the pipe or repair the hole.


Your filter is the most critical component to keeping a clear and sanitary pool. Filters need to be maintained and repaired regularly. Any tear or damage to the internal components significantly reduces its functionality. We can diagnose and repair all types of pool filtration systems cartridges, DE and sand.


Swimming pools have pipes that take water from the pool, and other pipes that bring water back to the pool. Pool valves control the direction the pool water flows. If you have broken pool valves, including the backwash valve, multi-port valve, and check valve, call the Pool Referees to get them repaired.

Pool Heater Repairs

Pool Heaters allow you to start using your pool or attached spa earlier in the season and continue to use it later in the season. If your pool’s heater is not working properly, we can diagnose the problem and repair or replace the heater. If your pool heater doesn’t heat your pool or attached spa quickly, we can upgrade your pool heater. We understand many Texans don’t want to bother with heaters so we can even remove your pool heater.

Electronic Controls

Your pool’s control panel and electronic components are the brains behind your equipment. You should only get a licensed pool repair company like Pool Referees to work on your electronic equipment. We’ll quickly find the issue and repair or replace any electronic components that aren’t working properly.

Pool Salt Systems

If your pool’s salt system is not working properly, this means that your pool is not being sanitized. We can diagnose the issue and get your salt pool working again!

Pool & Hot Tub Alliance North Texas Chapter logo

We're members of the PHTA

PHTA represents swimming pool, hot tub and spa manufacturers, distributors, manufacturers’ agents, designers, builders, installers, retailers and service professionals. PHTA offers pool and hot tub education and certification programs, provides valuable membership benefits, develops trusted industry standards and advocates for critical legislation.

Green Treatments

What happened to your beautiful blue pool? If your pool is looking more green, it means algae has got to it! But have no fear… we’re here to help. Our expert technicians will put your pool’s algae problem in the penalty box for good with our specialized green treatment service!

What's included in our green treatments?

Chemicals Added:

Granular calcium hypochlorite (Shock)
Chlorine tablets
Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium carbonate
Cyanuric acid
Muriatic acid


Additional visits (past the initial 4) are $40.00 each.

Additional filter breakdowns (past the initial 2) are $75.00 each.

Additional filtration needed: $100.00. Pool Referees will bring a modular pump and filter system to assist in expediting the cleanup. Typically this is needed if results are not seen within 4 visits or it is determined the severity of the algae cannot be handled by the client’s equipment alone.

Algae fighting guarantee

We'll do everything possible to keep your pool free of all forms of algae. If it does occur, we'll come out right away to treat it chemically and look for root causes such as circulation, filtration, chemical or any combination of items.
Pool Referees is a Jack's Magic Certified Stain Specialist

Certified Stain Specialists

Pool Refs is certified to identify swimming pool stains and knows the best and safest way to remove stains and discoloration — usually without draining your pool. Take the guessing out of pool stain identification and removal and trust your stain treatment and prevention to a Jack's Magic Certified Stain Specialist™

Pool School

Do you want to know how to operate your pool? Wouldn’t it be nice to be too pool for school? Pool Referees offers a complete 1-hour class that covers a full explanation of your equipment, operation techniques, chemistry balancing, and maintenance schedule.

And the best part? We come to you! And while we’re there, our certified technician will advise you on which tools are specific for your pool needs. This means the next time you need a certain net, pool cleaner, filter, or any other mechanical device, you’ll know what to do!

Contact us today to become an expert on all there is to know about your pool!

We're dog-friendly!

We love dogs and we take care of a lot of pools for our residential customers who have dogs. We even take care of a pool within a doggy daycare! Our pool treatments are pet-safe. If you've got a pup and a pool, call us today for your pool maintenance!
The Pool Referees, Plano, TX

Why do your neighbors choose us to help keep their pools in check?

At Pool Referees, our number one goal is to help make your life easier. This starts with ensuring that you are happy with the service we provide for you. That’s why we’ll always go above and beyond to help. We want you to feel like you are part of the Pool Refs family. As we are a family-owned business, it means that we treat every pool as we would our own family pool. We take out any complications that could occur by using the latest tools and automation software to help with communicate with you. Speaking of keeping up to date, we also stay on top of the latest chemical treatments to ensure that your pool stays healthy.

Our history:

When Robert started in the pool business, he found there was a lack of trust in the industry. Having a pool shouldn't be a chore. It should be fun, entertaining, and it is a big investment. From working previously as a pool service technician or being on the receiving end of pool service, we know that not every pool maintenance company is the same. We take pride in the fact that we offer the best-in-class pool service and repairs with a personal touch our customers deserve. We have experienced technicians to get your pool serviced or repaired the first time around. This builds trust, which is very important to us. It is this trust that makes owning a pool a positive experience for our customers, which is why we got into the pool servicing business in the first place.

Receive $25 off your service when you refer a friend or neighbor!

If your referral signs up with us for a monthly service of any type, he or she receives $25 off the first month of their service as well! Refer as many friends as you want… shoot to get the whole year free!
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